The Wednesday word count #2

Ok, here we are. Still feeling like the inside of my head consists of steamed Christmas pudding after the holidays, but making time every day to get on with some writing.

As of this morning I am up to 51,000 words and on chapters 24-25. This includes a fair bit of editing, which is why the overall amount hasn’t gone up dramatically. I’ve also worked out – I think – how to tie everything together in book 3, so I’m starting to get excited about how it’s all going to pan out there.

Then, once all three books are written, I can start work on making them all fit together as a cohesive package. Hopefully, the first full draft of the Whole Thing will be ready by the end of the year.

This, is a long-term plan.

Happy writing!


The Wednesday word count

To try and get myself blogging more I thought I’d try a new ‘Wednesday word count’. I’m not even sure if it’s Wednesday or not, because it feels like every day has been stuck on Sunday for about a week. But the calendar insists that it is. So who am I to argue?

Right now I don’t think there’s been much change in terms of the word count going up from my last post (I reckon it’s around 49K or so). I’ve managed to finish the first draft of chapter 21 (I’m aiming for 30-ish) and it took a few days of bashing away at things before my brain started to make words that fitted together. But hopefully, I’m starting to get back in the zone. The bad news is that term starts again next week, so my burst of new-found enthusiasm might be short-lived. But with a bit of luck I should be able to get up to chapter 23 by the weekend.

So yeah, this is a reboot. I’m having another crack at my 500-word-a-day plan.

Happy new year!

Where am I up to?

After taking a short break from writing due to (a) work, (b) having a Christmas holiday to recover from work, and (c) Red Dead Redemption 2 (ahem), I’m finally about to dive back into my WiP. I haven’t done much on it for a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping it all clicks back into place without too much hassle. Job #1 was to check the current word count, out of curiosity (and because it makes me feel like I’m doing something, even though I’m not). And right now it’s at: 47,315. The target is somewhere around the 60K mark, so I just need One Big Push (ok, maybe two) to get it over the line.

Also, I’m going to make a concerted effort to actually keep up with this blog. It’s one of the first casualties of work, so when term starts again in a week or so I’m going to be prepared.

Getting back to it

One of the great things about working in academia is that it can be totally absorbing. The downside, however, is that it can easily zap all your spare time. But now term is finally over and I can breathe again – at least for a few weeks – I’m going to try and cultivate more of a blog-writing habit.

So there we are.

Word count update #2

I’ve just checked in on my word count for Book #2 of the trilogy thing, and the last week has been a bit of a creep. It’s coming to 30,306, which isn’t a massive improvement on my last update – in terms of sheer wordage it’s a bit pants, in fact – but much of the work has involved turning notes and rough ideas into actual (hopefully readable) stuff, like proper sentences. Sometimes even paragraphs.

think that I’ve got rough – as in crawling out of bed at 3:00 am, unshaven, dishevelled and slightly worse for wear – versions of the first five chapters all sorted, and I know how the plot’s going to go, although I’m leaving the end until I get there so it surprises me.

So all in all, I’m still a happy camper.

The Shadow Breaker by Steven Rivers @iamstevenrivers #Children’sEBook #Fantasy #TimeTravel #KindleUnlimited

I’ll just leave this here …


The Shadow Breaker


Elizabeth Harding’s life takes an unexpected turn when she falls into another dimension. And it doesn’t take a twelve-year-old whizz at maths to know this is going to mean trouble. Already struggling with the mysterious death of her father, and plagued by nightmares with smoke demons coming out of the walls, Elizabeth now finds herself lost in a strange and confusing world.

Her brain-melt doesn’t improve when she is taken in by a group of unlikely companions – a barbarian, a monk, a mad professor and his bandit niece. Elizabeth learns that her inter-dimensional tumble has been caused by one of their secret inventions. But when this clockwork box is captured in a surprise attack by the Dominion her predicament is suddenly a million times worse.

Undeterred by this development the group embark on a quest to retrieve the machine. There’s only one problem: stealing it back involves…

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