The hills are alive …

Taking a few days off to walk about in these hills (and maybe get some reading and writing done). It’s a nice place, but … oof, my feet are killing me!


Word count update #2

I’ve just checked in on my word count for Book #2 of the trilogy thing, and the last week has been a bit of a creep. It’s coming to 30,306, which isn’t a massive improvement on my last update – in terms of sheer wordage it’s a bit pants, in fact – but much of the work has involved turning notes and rough ideas into actual (hopefully readable) stuff, like proper sentences. Sometimes even paragraphs.

think that I’ve got rough – as in crawling out of bed at 3:00 am, unshaven, dishevelled and slightly worse for wear – versions of the first five chapters all sorted, and I know how the plot’s going to go, although I’m leaving the end until I get there so it surprises me.

So all in all, I’m still a happy camper.

The Shadow Breaker by Steven Rivers @iamstevenrivers #Children’sEBook #Fantasy #TimeTravel #KindleUnlimited

I’ll just leave this here …


The Shadow Breaker


Elizabeth Harding’s life takes an unexpected turn when she falls into another dimension. And it doesn’t take a twelve-year-old whizz at maths to know this is going to mean trouble. Already struggling with the mysterious death of her father, and plagued by nightmares with smoke demons coming out of the walls, Elizabeth now finds herself lost in a strange and confusing world.

Her brain-melt doesn’t improve when she is taken in by a group of unlikely companions – a barbarian, a monk, a mad professor and his bandit niece. Elizabeth learns that her inter-dimensional tumble has been caused by one of their secret inventions. But when this clockwork box is captured in a surprise attack by the Dominion her predicament is suddenly a million times worse.

Undeterred by this development the group embark on a quest to retrieve the machine. There’s only one problem: stealing it back involves…

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Word count update #1

Settling back into the rhythm of things after a nice little holiday and thought I’d do a quick check of my word count for Book #2 of my YA fantasy trilogy (it’s provisionally entitled ‘The Lost Gods’, but that may well change).

And … it’s not looking too shabby.

I’m not going to get bogged down by word counts and targets and things like that, but my rough ‘aim’ is for the thing to weigh around 60,000 words. Or so.

Right now – even though a lot of it is still notes and rough meanderings – it’s at 29,727.

So, yeah. Not looking too bad.

Steady progress!

So far so good

Words. They are a-coming. They might not be flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup. But that’s ok, because I’d rather have them on the page. Even if it’s only a digital one.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I decided to (re)commit to my 500 word rule, and so far (despite a holiday, long walks and a stack of reading) I seem to be sticking to it. More or less.

With any luck I should have a first draft – if only a rough one – of Book 2 ready by the end of November.

The 500-word rule

I’m on a roll. Actually it’s more of a flop. But at least that’s something.

Having spent much of the summer trying to plot out the essentials of the second book in my as-yet-unnamed trilogy I’ve finally decided to stop prevaricating and to get on and write the bloody thing.

Which brings me to this: the 500-word rule.

The first rule about the 500-word rule is that it isn’t actually a rule. Largely this is because, when it comes to writing, there aren’t any. Or at least any that you need to take seriously.

The second rule about the 500-word rule is that you – well, me anyway – need to do it every day, even though you don’t (see part #1).

Because, according to my estimation, if I pen 500 words a day – even if they’re not always necessarily good ones – then I can reach my rough-guide target of around 60,000 words, which, coincidentally, is the sort of length I’m aiming for in terms of book size – in 120 days. Add another couple of months for sorting out the trash, re-writing scrappy bits and general jiggery-pokery, and that should mean that I reach my first draft proper in around six months.

Then I can put that draft in the freezer for six months while I get on to writing book #3!

What am I doing?

So … after much pondering about blog posts, and failing to write anything here in a loooong time – because when I sit down to do it I always end up thinking ‘nah, that’s boring’ and abandon the idea – I’ve decided that I’ll start keeping track of my current work-in-progress. Which is this:

A trilogy.

And to make things even funner I’m writing all three books at the same time. Largely because if I don’t then I worry I might write myself into a plothole and never get out of it. So I want to make sure it all works before letting anyone set eyes on it.

The trilogy itself is a YA fantasy centred around the adventures of an assassin, a thief and an alchemist (although it’s not called alchemy, so technically it’s something different … ) Book #1 is currently ‘done’ – by which I mean ‘awaiting destruction in the harsh reality of the editing process’ – and book #2 is currently a pile of notes and sketches. Book #3 is … wherever books live before they’re born. So, yeah, it’s not yet a thing.

And that’s it really. I’m hoping to have them wrapped up in around 12-15 months. But we’ll see.